With 900K weekly active users, iTalkBB provides a wide range of advertising solutions for your business to succeed among the Chinese-speaking community in North America.
iTalkBB TV Ads Creates the Opportunities to Reach Your Brand’s Targets through
Non-skippable Fully Engaged View
Geo-targeting & Program-targeting Capabilities
Delication to Chinese families
Insights Into Ad Campaigns
iTalkBB TV Integrates Google Ad Manager to Track and Analyze
By integrating Google Ad Manager, iTalkBB was able to offer our partners and agencies a platform to manage ad inventory across devices. Meanwhile provide real-time and actionable performance data. It’s better and beyond.
iTalkBB TV Programs
30+ live
Chinese-language channels
with 3- to 7-day DVR functionality
News, entertainment,and lifestyle programming from top creators
Trendy dramas
Hit TV shows
Blockbuster andclassic movies
Special programmingfor kids and Seniors
iTalkbb TV and
Ads Available on
iTalkBB Set-Top Box , Desktop , Mobile & Tablet
Our Ad Products
iTalkBB media customize campaign solutions based on your business goals and objectives, including five major formats: Video Ad, Device Ad, Native Ad, and Sponsorship.
Shine your non-skippable commercials & teasers before or after the roll with 100% completion rate,available on all devices.
DISplay Ad
Reach your audience through various spots and sizes of display ads across all iTalkBB’s platforms highlighted with banner ad, pause ad, overlay corner ad, and more.
Native Ad
Original content curation such as advertiser self-produced video, Sponsor iTalkBB customized video, influencer collaboration, and more. Position your message front and center to catch audiences’ eye.
Branded Channel
Curate your branded channel on iTalkBB with customized campaign promotions and top influencer collaborations, available on digital platforms.
Theater Sponsorship
Custom-curated collections of up to nine hand-selected, trendy programs, wrapped in your brand messaging with exclusive entitlement opportunities.
Multi-channel Marketing
Beyond the advertising solutions, iTalkBB also shares our multi-channel marketing resources from our email subscriptions, official website, social media to retail stores and call centers to achieve our collective goals.