About iTalkBB
iTalkBB is a company dedicated to creating innovative and authentic mobile communication experiences and TV content for people around the globe. We provide international phone services that break down distance barriers and allow our customers to easily and affordably connect with their communities – no matter where they may be. Our headquarters is located in Washington D.C., but we maintain branch offices all over the world, in locations such as Canada, Australia, Singapore, China, and more.
Currently, iTalkBB has become the No.1 telecom company in both the overseas Chinese market and the overseas Korean market all over the globe. Over 30 iTalkBB retail stores have spread across the U.S., Canada, Australia, Singapore, etc., with more than 1.2 million iTalkBB users located around the world.
In the U.S., our brand awareness is over 80% in Chinese communities.
Our History
iTalkBB TV launch, 2012
Since then it has become the fastest growing Chinese language television in North Americe and is one of the most well known Chinese brands in North America. In fact, 1 in 6 families are active users of iTalkBB's services
Expanding Partnership, 2015
By actively acquiring content from Hong Kong and Taiwan in addition to Mainland China, iTalkBB now carries over 3.5 million hours if licensed content surpassing that of any other platform in North America
iTalkBB goes digital, 2021
Using cross-platform integration to enable viewers to access premium Chinese content via smartphones, smart TV's, tablets. desktop and more. Allowing our audience an unparalleled, immersive viewing experience in HD
Since the launch of the iTalkBB TV set top box in 2012, iTalkBB TV has grown to be the largest Chinese-language, licensed content provider in North America. Now reaching close to 2M Chinese Users, we entertain audiences with a curated collection of popular movies, hit TV shows, original content from top creators and influencers, in addition to 60+ live streaming channels.
And most importantly our current market penetration among newer immigrants is 60%. With the digitalization of media, iTalkBB’s TV content has now been made available to be viewed not only on the OTT box, but customers can now download and watch the content on desktop, smart TVs, smartphones, and tablets. With the power of the “Go Digital” platform, user ad viewing experiences will be enhanced, and this in turn will allow advertisers to explore new-found interactive campaign formats. By adopting the most up-to-date ad-serving processes, audience segmentation, and data-driven insights, advertisers are able to launch bigger and bolder advertising campaigns.
iTalkBB Media provides value to partners of all sizes from small businesses to multinational companies by leveraging our ever-growing Chinese audience