About iTalkBB Media Inc.
Organized in 2013, iTalkBB Media, Inc. (“iTalkBB Media”) is a marketing firm that offers integrated marketing and advertising services in North America. As a member of the iTalk Group of Companies, it has the exclusive advertising rights for placement of advertising on its affiliate companies’ state of the art STB (iTalkBB Chinese TV) and streaming (iTalkBB TV) Chinese language platforms (the “iTalk TV Platforms”).
The success of its advertising offerings and the iTalk TV Platforms has attracted global and fortune 500 company advertisers including, Lexus, BMW, Toyota, State Farm Insurance, McDonald's, Walmart, Chase Bank, TD Ameritrade, Unilever, and many more. iTalkBB Media provides value to partners of all sizes from small businesses to multinational companies by leveraging our ever-growing Chinese audience base.
iTalkBB Media keeps innovating its services by adopting the most up-to-date ad-serving processes, audience segmentation, and data-driven insights. Advertisers are now able to explore more advanced, yet cost-efficient campaign solutions and formats to make a bigger impact.
iTalkBB Media currently remains its locations in the Washington D.C. headquarters, and the New York office in the United States, as well as the Toronto office, and the Vancouver office in Canada.
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About iTalk TV Platforms
Since the launch of the iTalkBB Chinese TV set-top-box in 2012 and iTalkBB TV in 2019, iTalk TV Platforms have grown to be the largest Chinese-language licensed content providers in North America. Now reaching 2 million users, iTalk TV Platforms entertain audiences with collections of trendy dramas, popular movies, TV variety shows, original content of influencers, and 30+ live streaming channels.
The current market penetration of iTalk TV Platforms among newer immigrants has reached 60%. With the digital transformation, all of the TV content is now available not only on the set-top-box, but also on desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other digital devices.
Our History


iTalkBB Chinese TV launch

iTalkTV HongKong Ltd. launched the iTalkBB Chinese TV in 2012. iTalk Global Communication Inc., the exclusive authorized sales agent in North America, started the TV service business in the United States and Canada. Since then it has become the fastest-growing Chinese language television in North America.


iTalkBB Media Inc. form

iTalkBB Media Inc. was formed to operate the business of marketing and selling advertising for placement on the iTalkBB Chinese TV.


Expanding content richness

By actively acquiring content from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, iTalkBB Chinese TV has grown to be the largest Chinese-language content provider in North America carrying over 3.5 million hours of licensed content.


Acquired by iTalk Global Communication Inc.

iTalk Global Communication Inc. acquired iTalkBB Media Inc. and completed the business model of iTalkBB Chinese TV.


iTalkBB TV launch

As the world of video on demand (VOD) industry was all the rage in consumers’ behavior, the digital video streaming platforms, iTalkBB TV, was launched to fulfill the need for the digital transformation in the media industry. Users can assess iTalkBB TV’s HQ viewing experience through the website on a desktop or apps on tablets and smartphones. iTalkBB Media became the authorized media agency of iTalk TV Platforms, which includes both iTalkBB Chinese TV and iTalkBB TV.


Advancing Ad operation

iTalkBB Media migrated its ad operation to Google Ad Manager 360 to manage and execute ad sales, meanwhile, achieving the data-centric approach to track and analyze each campaign’s performance. Ultimately, to help advertisers drive measurable results.
About the iTalk Group of Companies
As born for immigrants, the iTalk Group of Companies are dedicated to creating a better life for all overseas Chinese by providing innovative and ethnically authentic products and services. The companies collectively value a better immigrant life by understanding the experience and crafting products and services that are designed specifically for their needs.
Headquartered in the Washington D.C., DMV area, iTalk Global Communications, Inc. ("iTalk Global”) started its international VoIP phone service under the registered “iTalkBB” trademark in 2003. It has eliminated distance barriers and allowed customers to easily and affordably connect with their loved ones, wherever they may be.
iTalk Global has become the No.1 telecom company in both the overseas Chinese market and the overseas Korean market across the globe with more than 1.2 million users. Over 15 iTalkBB services retail stores have spread across the U.S. and Canada. The newly launched iTalkBB Prime APP has provided a brand new mobile experience.
In addition to its telecommunication business, iTalk Global has launched its home security service- iTalkBB Aijia, and Chinese TV services- iTalk TV Platforms. The iTalkBB brands have earned a brand recognition of over 80% within the Chinese communities in the United States.
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